Home Inspections/Maintenance inspections.
The home inspection lasting 2 1/2 to 3hrs consists of the following:
Exterior review of water management around building including roof inspection. 
Attic inspection including ventilation, insulation, moisture issues.
Room by room inspection with client ,reviewing walls ceilings electrical and heating.
Basement/crawl space, inspecting: walls, floor, ceilings for deficiency's in moisture control, structural ,electrical.
Inspect the furnace for age, cleaning, normal operation.
Plumbing systems for proper drainage, water supply type of piping.
Electrical panel will be turned off ,panel opened and inspected for wire type, size ,compatibility, heating, panel overloading size of main breaker.  
I will review the problems with the building. I will then write up report off site and email report to client that day or with in 24 hrs. 
A thermal imaging camera can be used at an additional cost with the inspection to detect , heat loss.
Air leakage tests can be conducted during home inspections to determine if the building will be hard to heat or cool.
WETT inspections for wood burning appliances 

Energy evaluator software program along with an air test will evaluate your building and show you how to save money.This is a 1.5 hr to 2 hr inspection depending on size of the building. Inspection consists of An air leakage test,walls and ceilings reviewed with thermal camera, inspection of exterior, basement, interior and attic to detect air leakage and insulation levels are communicated to you during the inspection.A comprehensive report indicating home efficiency, air leakage, insulation levels and areas that need improvement this is sent to you for further reference.
Small Commercial building Maintenance Inspections ​Apartments, Condos,small business, these are areas of most neglect. I can give you written reports on the state of your buildings.